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Get A Tree

TreeKeepers Holiday Trees

Go Green This Year with a Live Christmas Tree

‘Tis the season to help the planet. Make it a Green Christmas by buying a TreeKeepers Holiday Tree.

These living evergreens may be brought inside to decorate for the festivities (max 7-10 days, away from direct heat, well-watered). Afterwards you can plant them out in the yard or a balcony container. Or, if you select the native Douglas-fir and would like see it grow up together with its tree friends in a beautiful natural forest, you may bring it on January 3 to a New Year Planting Party in Everett Crowley Park.

How does it work?

Choose among the four TreeKeeper Holiday Tree selections below. The ‘Rainbows End’ White Spruce, ‘Baby Blue’ Blue Spruce and Douglas-fir are in 5-gallon containers (these are bigger than last year’s 2-gallon trees). While shapes and sizes vary, most of the 5-gallon trees are about 1 meter tall. If you want a head-high tree, the Norway Spruce come in 10-gallon pots which will need a little more creative hefting and wedging to take home in the bike trailer or family car.

After choosing a tree, select your pickup location place and time. We have two distribution events this year:

Those choosing to plant their tree with us at the New Year Planting Party (remember this is for Douglas-fir only), please check the box below to register during checkout (spaces are limited):

Then bring your tree to Everett Crowley Park on Saturday, Jan. 3, from 9am-noon. Bring your family and any friends who want to help start their New Year right by growing the urban forest. We’ll supply the hot chocolate, and together we’ll get 2015 off to a great green start.

Baby Blue Colorado Spruce

Picea pungens
5 Gal. | 1m tall | $15

Grown for its silvery-blue colour, the 'Baby Blue' cultivar is smaller and slower growing than standard Colorado Spruce. The new needles in spring show the most blue but it's an attractive tree year-round with a pyramidal form making a great specimen for the yard or in a container. In the ground it may eventually get 10m tall, while in a container it would take a decade or more to reach 3m. Native to the Rocky Mountains, 'Baby Blue' prefers well-drained soil and full sun but can tolerate partly shady conditions.

Rainbow's End White Spruce

Picea glauca
5 Gal. | 1m tall | $15

What do you find at the end of the tree-lover's rainbow? 'Rainbow's End' White Spruce, a beautiful tree for a small yard or a balcony container. Its symmetrical cone shape gradually peaks at a maximum height of about 2m. 'Rainbow's End' earns its name for the new flushes of growth in spring and summer. Needles emerge a buttery yellow to suggest tiny points of light glittering like gold throughout the tree. It prefers a sunny spot with well-draining soil, but can take some shade.


Pseudotsuga menziesii
5 Gal. | 1m tall | $15

A majestic evergreen native to our bioregion, the first European visitors here were astounded when they saw these giants. Douglas-fir, not a true fir, was named after Scottish botanist David Douglas who popularized many of our conifers back in Europe. Its scientific name honours fellow Scot Archibald Menzies, naturalist aboard the HMS Discovery captained by George Vancouver. In ideal forest conditions this tree has been known to live for 1,000 years and reach more than 80 meters in height. Too much for your yard? We have a special offer for those who would like to plant their Holiday Tree out in an open space.

Start the New Year off green by joining us for a family-friendly New Year Planting Party at Everett Crowley Park, 8200 Kerr St., Jan. 3 from 9am-noon. Only these native Douglas-fir trees are eligible; space is limited; registration required.

Norway Spruce

Picea abies
10 Gal. | 2m tall | $30

If you want a bigger tree to start, this graceful spruce makes a fine addition to the living room for the holidays. Outside it can reach 40 meters or taller when planted in a sunny, well-draining spot. If that's too big for your yard, you can keep it smaller in an outdoor container, with root pruning every few years to prevent it from outgrowing the pot (think bonsai, only bigger). Norway Spruce are famous as Christmas trees, and the choice of many municipalities for their city square each December. Note that these 10-gallon trees are heavier than the others, so bring your muscles to carry (or better yet roll) home.

If that's too big for your yard, you can keep it smaller in an outdoor container and bring inside each year for the festivities