TreeKeepers is a non-profit partnership between Tree City and the Environmental Youth Alliance to grow the urban forest. Please note: we will not be holding a Holiday Tree sales campaign this season. Sorry.



Every TreeKeepers tree you plant becomes part of the urban forest which provides ecological, economic and cultural benefits. Do your part to help create the world's Greenest City by planting a TreeKeepers tree today!

Spring 2015 online sales finished



Tree love is shared by everyone but tree knowledge tends to be low. We train Citizen Foresters to help neighbours plant and tend trees while students in the Youth Branch are inspired to become urban forest stewards of the future.




The best thing you can do to green your city is to plant a tree. The second best thing is to help others plant more trees. Volunteers are welcome for tasks from spreading the good news to helping at our public events.

How You Can Help

Every tree planted helps make Vancouver a greener city.

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What's going on?

Last Chance Tree Sale

April 30, 2015 Homepage

Missed our Spring 2015 Tree Sale? Want another tree?  TreeKeepers is having a special Last Chance Tree Sale to help find homes for unclaimed and overstocked trees. Date: Saturday, May 9 Time: 10am - noon Where: Olympic Village area (see…

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April 30, 2015 Homepage, Tree Tips

Putting down mulch around your newly planted tree helps it retain moisture, suppresses weeds and moderates the soil temperature. It also protects it from being accidentally hit by lawn mowers. Put a one meter ring of mulch (ex. woodchips, straw,…

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Online Sales Completed

The deadline to order trees for our final Spring distribution date has now passed (officially on Monday, April 20, at 5pm) so no new online orders are possible. Thanks for all your support!

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The Garry Oak Gardener’s Handbook

April 15, 2015 Homepage, Tree Care

The Garry Oak Gardener’s Handbook: Nurturing Native Plant Habitat in Garry Oak Communitie includes information needed to plan, design, plant and care for your Garry oak meadows, woodlands, rock outcrops and container gardens. It also includes tips for attracting pollinators,…

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Growing Trees in Containers

March 30, 2015 Homepage, Tree Tips

Do you live in an apartment or condo and want to grow a tree? Well, you can! As long as you provide the basic necessities of a tree's life (sun, water, nutrients) you can keep a tree in a container…

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