img_1_2David Tracey, MLArch, BA (Politics)
Tree City

David Tracey is the Executive Director of Tree City, a non-profit ecological engagement group using trees in community development. An environmental designer with a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture as well as a certified arborist, he follows the International Society of Arboriculture credo to plant the “right tree in the right place” in all his urban greening projects.

David is also a journalist reporting on politics, culture and the environment from countries on six continents for some of the world’s foremost media outlets. He is the author of two books promoting greater citizen involvement in the urban environment: Guerrilla Gardening: A Manualfesto and The Earth Manifesto. A frequent public speaker, he has given talks on community development through trees to audiences in Canada, including at the Canadian Urban Forestry Conference in Truro, Nova Scotia, and in Nagoya, Japan, during the UN Biodiversity Summit.

img_2_2Hartley Rosen, BSc., Dipl Env Sc.
Environmental Youth Alliance

Hartley Rosen is the former Executive Director of the Environmental Youth Alliance, an organization that works to inspire young people to connect with the natural world and become sustainability leaders in their communities. For the past 11 years, his core programming has focused on youth engagement in food security, pollination conservation and understanding agricultural systems and their application in an urban environment.

Hartley is the owner of Figaro’s, a community garden store offering high quality, naturally-grown plants to Vancouver growers. With academic training through a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from the University of Manitoba and a post-graduate diploma in Environmental Studies with a focus on local ecology from Capilano University, he understands the ability of plants to excite, heal, inspire and engage people.

Matthew Kemshaw
Program Coordinator, Environmental Youth Alliance

Matthew Kemshaw has been designing and delivering eco-literacy programming in schools, parks and other community minded spaces for almost a decade. Matthew began saving seeds 10 years ago with elementary school children. He has gone on to support dozens of common and community garden initiatives in both Victoria and Vancouver. Matthew holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Education and Communications and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Political Science. With TreeKeepers, Matthew is helping to lead the schools campaign and getting kids excited about planting trees.

Zoe Long (Biology and Environment, Sustainability & Society)
Program Assistant, TreeKeepers

Zoe Long is the Program Assistant and Volunteer Coordinator with TreeKeepers. Coming from an educational background in Biology and Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies, Zoe feels passionate about engaging people with the environment they live in. She is an avid gardener, cooking enthusiast and outdoor recreationist. When she is not working with TreeKeepers and its collaborators, Zoe carries out research at Simon Fraser University for the School of Resource and Environmental Management. Her research interests include sustainable community development, alternative energy and environmental problem-solving.

Anice Wong
Communications Coordinator, TreeKeepers

As a socially and environmentally conscious person, Anice is interested in learning and sharing ideas on how we can all create more sustainable, healthy and inclusive communities. With a diverse background in Film & Video Production as well as International Development, she brings creativity and critical thinking to the table. She is passionate about travel and has worked in different parts of the world including Japan and Ghana. She has held various environmental related positions in the non-profit sector as well as in municipal government. When not working as the Communications Coordinator for TreeKeepers, she works as a photographer and editor for a marketing company.