Spartan Apple


A British Columbian gift to the world, Spartan was developed from 1926 at the Summerland Research Station and is now grown in Europe and elsewhere for its McIntosh-like flavour from crisp, juicy, white flesh. Medium-sized red apple over a yellow-green base that ripens around mid-October. There’s a good reason Spartan have been popular commercial apples for years, but of course store-bought produce can never match your own homegrown for freshness and flavour. Grafted onto M9 dwarf rootstock.

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Product Description

  • Size (height x spread): 2-3m x 2-3m
  • Light: full sun
  • Soil: well-drained, loamy
  • Plant near a different variety of apple tree for pollination
  • Spring blooms are white and fragrant
  • Stake to remain upright, especially when bearing fruit