Brown Turkey Fig


A classic variety producing large, tasty figs good for eating fresh, cooking, drying or freezing. Fruit has reddish-brown skin covering rose-coloured flesh. The Brown Turkey cultivar is believed to have originated not in Turkey but Provence, France. One of the most popular types grown by home orchardists around the world, Brown Turkey produce a large main crop (grown on this year’s new wood, unlike the earlier breba crop grown on last year’s overwintered wood), so it does best in a year with lingering summer warmth. No pollination required (the “fruit” is actually a shell containing tiny flowers). Suitable for a container on a sunny balcony.

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Product Description

  • Size (height x spread): 3-5m x 4-6m
  • Light: full sun, can be helped by extra heat from south-facing walls
  • Soil: well-drained
  • Heat and drought tolerant