The TreeKeepers program was launched in late 2012 as one of the key goals of Vancouver’s Greenest City campaign. It is a partnership managed by Tree City and the Environmental Youth Alliance working with the City of Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation on the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan.

This ambitious roadmap to a healthy, inclusive, prosperous and resilient future calls for the planting of 150,000 new trees. That’s a big target for a fairly developed city where land use is in perennial contention. To reach this goal will require a lot of help. The City estimates at least one-third of these new trees will need to be planted on private property by residents and commercial property owners.

The TreeKeepers program was created to encourage people to plant more trees on private property while raising appreciation and awareness of the value of the urban forest. In addition to funding from the City of Vancouver, support was received from Environment Canada and the Vancouver Foundation Greenest City Fund. 



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